Olawale Seriki


Community leader in Lagos, Nigeria

Background and Early Career

Olawale Seriki is an international businessman and leader based in Lagos, Nigeria. The son of a prominent Nigerian political leader, Olawale was raised to put the needs of others before his own. From early on, he understood that leaders work for their people—not the other way around. 

He has always been surrounded by elections and became fascinated with politics. At only seven years of age, he watched as his father ran for senate and became the Chairman of the Lagos State Sport Council. Learning through osmosis, he took what he learned from observation and applied it to his life—in high school, he was even voted Homecoming King! As the years progressed, Olawale relished in the opportunity to take the skills and lessons learned during his childhood and apply them to his own career. 

For many years, Olawale Seriki worked as a stock broker in some of New York’s most prestigious brokerage firms, including Raike Financial and Harrison Securities. After awhile, he decided to take his skills in a new, but parallel direction, and began working for a mortgage company. He loved being able to help people reach their financial goals and lead them towards financial success. However, a part of Olawale missed Nigeria. He felt as though there was more he could be doing to help his country and give back to his people. 

One day, an opportunity to do so presented itself. Olawale was introduced by an acquaintance to the Vice President of prominent biological agricultural company, BioNeat. The individual mentioned they were doing business in Nigeria, but that they were having trouble progressing the project. They needed government contacts and were unable to secure meetings. Olawale Seriki took it as his golden ticket and seized the moment. He knew just how he could connect the dots for the company.

Work With BioNeat

Three years later, Olawale is BioNeat Agriculture’s Primary Distributor for West Africa. Under his leadership, the West African outpost of the company has been able to help Nigeria improve their GDP and reignite their passion for agriculture. What’s more, the company’s products are incredibly green and climate-friendly, ensuring that as agriculture in the country rises their ecological footprint remains small. 

Olawale Seriki is a proud APC party member and couldn’t be happier to contribute to his country’s economic and agricultural well-being. Since childhood, his goal has always been to help change lives for the better—whether he helps 5 or 5,000 people. In bringing agricultural solutions to his community, he’s effectively accomplished that goal. 

When he’s not diligently working to be the best leader possible, Olawale can be found clearing his mind with a few rounds of golf. Like many of the best things in his life, his love for the sport stems from his childhood. One of his happiest memories was being taught how to play by his father and uncle. 

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